Monday, October 24, 2016

Microscope Pioneers- History of the Microscope and How to use.

Hooke and Leeuwenhoek - Microscope Pioneers

Microscope Pioneers Reading
p.26-27 page numbers in bottom corner; p. 16-17 of the pdf

Steps to use a compound microscope:
(when viewing and sketching at low power)

1. Plug it into the outlet, already placed between table
2. Make sure stage is down, on x40 (scanning)
3. Choose slide/ specimen
4. Turn on microscope, center slide over light
5. Adjust diaphragm if needed
6. View specimen, slowly turn course knob to focus
7. When focused, switch to low power
8. ONLY use fine adjustment, if problem finding specimen or focusing go back to scanning.
9. Once in focus, sketch on provided sheet.
10. When done switch to scanning, lower stage, take out slide.
11. Turn off, unplug, coil up and put away.

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