Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Blood Typing

Video on Blood Types

Blood Reading - Reading on Blood and Lymph p. 94-96 Blood Types

Blood Types are determined by one factor:
The antigens found on the red blood cell (A, B, and Rh).  These antigens determine the type (A, B, AB, or if not present at all O) and whether it is positive or negative (Rh factor).

Whether you can receive or donate blood safely brings in a third factor of the antibodies found in the plasma.  

If antigens and antibodies of the same type come into contact clotting can occur.

Example Blood Type Card
You will create your own set of Blood Type Cards (8 total)
Side 1 (Front)  - Picture of the red blood cell on it with the correct antigens, antibodies, and Rh Factor.
Side 2 (Back) - List what blood types it can receive safely and which it can not.
Blood Types Flash Cards Game

Resources to Help You Found Below
First Read the following pages on the online pdf
Reading on Blood and Lymph p. 94-96 Blood Types

American Red Cross - Blood Type Links

Other sites to help.Learn Genetics - Blood Types

Blood Types - Get Body Smart

Blood Type- Kids Health

Information on the History of Blood Typing

Monday, November 28, 2016

Blood Drive

We will also begin work on our Blood Drive projects in preparation for the HMS annual Blood Drive on December 15th

You can start to make a list of 10 people you will ask to donate blood in hopes that one will say "yes".  Think of neighbors, family, friends who live close to Yarmouth.  

Here is an example of a sample donor letter to send to your selected 10 donors.
Click here to access and copy and paste filling in the blanks.

Preview the Blood Drive Project Page 
Click here to access

Blood Unit Information

We started by looking at the Structure and Function of the Circulatory System as well as the Body's System of Hierarchy.
Click here to access today's notes

We are starting to explore blood's structure and function. 
Access the Google Drive Spreadsheet here- Blood Structure/Function

Helpful links to understanding the components of blood.

Informational Videos

Components of Blood

Red Blood Cell Information

White Blood Cell Information on life and function

Station #5 - Platelets and How does blood clot?

Monday, November 21, 2016

Introduction to Circulatory System and Blood

Exploring the Circulatory System

Station #6 - How Blood Pressure Works?

Station #7 - Why Blood Types Matter?

Blood Illness- Leukemia

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Review Packet & Keys

Here is a digital version of the review pack we worked on in class today:

Check your work using this key:

Also, there is another review that many of you have on Google Classroom. Here's the link:

Check your work using this key:


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

DNA and DNA Replication

Link to Warmup and DNA Materials

Great Poster on DNA and Cell Cycle

DNA Replication with the Amoeba Sisters!

DNA Replication

DNA Replication Animation

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Prep for Maine Biotech Day - Wed, Nov 9th

Click here to access the Google Document to Guide your Work Today

Link to Biotechnology Current Event Document

Bioscience of Maine (BAM) is hosting Maine Biotech Day
Wednesday, November 9th here at HMS.
We will welcome Dr. Norman Moore from Alere to our 7th grade Science Classes.

“We are establishing Maine BioScience Day to create lasting interaction and cooperation between
industry, researchers, teachers, and students. The Bioscience Association of Maine and our member
companies are one helping hand to nurture our students and create awareness about the incredible
opportunities for future careers that are waiting for them as soon as they graduate high school or
college. The “jobs of tomorrow” are already here and waiting for them, and we hope to help show our
students how the science they learn in school prepares them for a very rewarding career, whether it is
as a scientist, engineer, accountant, software programmer, or graphic designer” said Bryan Bozsik, President of BAM’s Board of Directors.

What is Biotechnology?
Biotechnology explained by Khan Academy - Click here

Ted Ed explains Biotechnology

Articles in Biotechnology

Ted Ex Video Biotechnology

Crisper and DNA editing

Monday, November 7, 2016

Cell Cycle and Mitosis images for Foldable

Use these images to help you complete your Mitosis foldable.

Examples of the foldable layout and look:
Picture, Labels, Description in each Phase

Cell Division - Front of Foldable

Mitosis- Inside Foldable

Helpful Video