Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Blood Typing

Video on Blood Types

Blood Reading - Reading on Blood and Lymph p. 94-96 Blood Types

Blood Types are determined by one factor:
The antigens found on the red blood cell (A, B, and Rh).  These antigens determine the type (A, B, AB, or if not present at all O) and whether it is positive or negative (Rh factor).

Whether you can receive or donate blood safely brings in a third factor of the antibodies found in the plasma.  

If antigens and antibodies of the same type come into contact clotting can occur.

Example Blood Type Card
You will create your own set of Blood Type Cards (8 total)
Side 1 (Front)  - Picture of the red blood cell on it with the correct antigens, antibodies, and Rh Factor.
Side 2 (Back) - List what blood types it can receive safely and which it can not.
Blood Types Flash Cards Game

Resources to Help You Found Below
First Read the following pages on the online pdf
Reading on Blood and Lymph p. 94-96 Blood Types

American Red Cross - Blood Type Links

Other sites to help.Learn Genetics - Blood Types

Blood Types - Get Body Smart

Blood Type- Kids Health

Information on the History of Blood Typing

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