Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Cell Transport and Diffusion

Today we will be starting a Unit on Cell Transport (active and passive).

Essential Question - How do the necessary materials get in and out of your cells?

Step 1 - KWL WORKSHEETClick here to access the KWL Worksheet - Enter in the first two columns only: What you know and want to know.

Vocabulary Preview - Here is a copy of the vocabulary and guided note sheet from today's class. Click here to access- blank document

Step 2 - ReadClick here to access the reading link. (pages. 1-6 of the pdf)

Today in class we will add to these notes filling in examples of each of the vocabulary terms from demonstrations performed in class.

Step 3- Watch Video

Step 4- Complete Interactive LinksHere are some interactive links showing diffusion of molecules - a form of passive transport.

Goldiesroom - Passive Transport Demo

Step 5 - Watch Video
Water specific diffusion- Osmosis - The Ameoba Sisters

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Study Guide and Quizlet

Click here to access the Quizlet

Here is the Study Guide for the Blood Quiz.

You should be able to…

1. Describe the levels of organization found within the body.

2. Know the Structure and Function of the Circulatory System

3. Explain how Blood Types are determined

4. Apply learning on the Genetics of Blood

Wednesday, December 7, 2016