Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Cell Transport and Diffusion

Today we will be starting a Unit on Cell Transport (active and passive).

Essential Question - How do the necessary materials get in and out of your cells?

Step 1 - KWL WORKSHEETClick here to access the KWL Worksheet - Enter in the first two columns only: What you know and want to know.

Vocabulary Preview - Here is a copy of the vocabulary and guided note sheet from today's class. Click here to access- blank document

Step 2 - ReadClick here to access the reading link. (pages. 1-6 of the pdf)

Today in class we will add to these notes filling in examples of each of the vocabulary terms from demonstrations performed in class.

Step 3- Watch Video

Step 4- Complete Interactive LinksHere are some interactive links showing diffusion of molecules - a form of passive transport.

Goldiesroom - Passive Transport Demo

Step 5 - Watch Video
Water specific diffusion- Osmosis - The Ameoba Sisters

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