Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Prep for Maine Biotech Day - Wed, Nov 9th

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Bioscience of Maine (BAM) is hosting Maine Biotech Day
Wednesday, November 9th here at HMS.
We will welcome Dr. Norman Moore from Alere to our 7th grade Science Classes.

“We are establishing Maine BioScience Day to create lasting interaction and cooperation between
industry, researchers, teachers, and students. The Bioscience Association of Maine and our member
companies are one helping hand to nurture our students and create awareness about the incredible
opportunities for future careers that are waiting for them as soon as they graduate high school or
college. The “jobs of tomorrow” are already here and waiting for them, and we hope to help show our
students how the science they learn in school prepares them for a very rewarding career, whether it is
as a scientist, engineer, accountant, software programmer, or graphic designer” said Bryan Bozsik, President of BAM’s Board of Directors.

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