Friday, February 3, 2017

Human Heart Introduction

First I want you to watch the video of the heart beating.

I want you to think about what kinds of things you witnessed in this short video.  Why did it beat the way it did?  How many contractions does it look like it makes?  Did anything surprise you?  

Hybrid Medical Heart Beating - Click here to access

Second  I want you to review the structures and functions of the Circulatory System.  Record these on the worksheet I provided.  View the below Crash Course video first.

Third  I want you to explore the following three sites and find the names and locations of the different structures in the heart.
On the provided Heart Diagram please label the:
1. 4 chambers of the heart
2. pulmonary vein and artery
3. 4 heart valves
4. sinoatrial nodes (S-A Node) and atrial-ventricular node (A-V Node)
5. septum
6. aorta
7. aortic arch

If done color code oxygen rich blood red and oxygen-poor blood blue at it circulates throughout the heart.

Fourth If you complete the worksheet you can read the following article on current research using stem cells growing human hearts.

Popular Science - Human Heart Grown and Beats

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